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Central Coast Wine Competition

2014 Central Coast Wine Competition

“Wow! That wine is really good!!”

IMGP4020 (2)
I’ve got great news for everyone, our wonderful winemaker Jac Jacobs has brought us home a box full of medals once again!Every year there is a great event called the Central Coast Wine Competition, it is the largest competition that recognizes wines produced from grapes grown in the from the following areas, San Benito, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura County. This year there were over six hundred wines entered from one hundred and forty-nine different wineries.

The Results?

IMGP4002 (2)Fourteen wineries made such great wine, that they received two Gold Medal wines each. Four wineries did even better and went home with a whopping three Gold Medals a piece. How did we do? Our winemaker Jac Jacobs did such a phenomenal job that we were the only winery to come home with FOUR Gold Medals, three of which were Best of Class!!! Doesn’t end there, we also received two Silver Medals and one Bronze Medal!

2013 Gold Delicious Gold Medal
2013 Orange Muscat Gold Medal, Best of Class
2013 Dessert Muscat Gold Medal, Best of Class
2013 Platinum Gold Medal, Best of Class
2013 Red Delicious Silver Medal
2008 Dessert Petite Sirah Silver Medal
2012 Albarino Bronze Medal

We are incredibly excited to release both the news of the wines reception amongst professional judges, and to inform all of you that we will be adding the following wines to the tasting room!


Orange Muscat2013 Orange Muscat

This off-dry Muscat has intricate aromas of jasmine and tropical fruits. The flavors are layered with candied sweet ginger and bright summer fruits. The 2% residual sugar that we left in this Muscat makes it an incredible complement to any spicy Asian dish, grilled fish or poultry. It works just as well with cheese and a sunset on the porch.
Find it here

DD Platinum20132013 Platinum

Our 2013 Platinum is made from the Viognier grapes sourced from Carriage Vineyards in Paso Robles. Aromas of honeydew melon, intertwined with the Stargazer Lily, combine with the flavors of sweet grapefruit and white peach to express the full body and long-lingering finish.
Platinum… We’ve upped our standard.
Now, up yours!
Find it here muscat2013 Dessert Muscat

Luscious and Aromatic this sweet orange Muscat is beautifully balanced with wonderful aromas of orange blossoms and a hint of honeyed peaches.
If we could put a squirt bottle attachment to this wine we’d save a lot of marriages.
Find it here


041Kelsey H.F. 2011

Thank goodness it’s Friday!
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready to do some wine tasting!
Don’t forget that this weekend from 2-5PM we have live music on Saturday and Sunday!
Saturday will be Jeff Kea’na’aina will be playing some great Hawaiian music!
Sunday will be the amazing Louie Ortega and crew!!!

A Little Prep Work

Hey Kelsey Lovers!
As many of our long time members have noticed, this last couple years we
have been growing greatly. Last year we drastically increased our production size, and this year for Harvest it is going to be wild!

photo 2Only a short few months to go, and our winemaker Jac and his assistant Joey have been hard at work preparing everything for Crush. New French Oak barrels, and several new stainless steel tanks. We (and by we, I mean him and our cousin Che) even built Jac actual lab space for all of the tests that have to be run to make wine properly!

Crush… It is going to be a blast! 12-16 hour days, 6-7 days a week for around 3 months… wait… why was it that we love doing this so much???


041Kelsey H.F. 2011555780_10151875536240010_1252227164_nDSC_4698_MG_6108DSC_47341064652_10152987229625010_451109636_oDSC_4881002Kelsey H.F. 2011

That’s right… now I remember!!


It’s About Family

Hi Kelsey Lovers!

So this is our debut blog post!
I figured that this first one should talk about what is really important to us out here at Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards…


Three generations of Kelsey men


Like all good beginnings, it happened because someone was bored.

Dick Kelsey retired from the family business (Antone Sylvester Tug) and was getting restless. After decades of seeing the various members of the family every other day at work he started trying to think up ways to get everyone back together, and one day, while having his morning coffee he found himself looking at the old barn on the family property and thinking to himself “This could be fine spot for a winery…”

Fast forward a few months and he has the whole family out planting our first vineyard in See Canyon… I won’t lie, I remember complaining for days about child labor laws being broken! These days I find myself telling my younger cousins that there is no such thing as child labor laws and they better get to work!

The years went by and bit by bit Dick was able to get all of the family involved. These days if you come here and don’t run into one of us, you probably just weren’t looking. Dick’s oldest son Keith Kelsey co-manages the winery with his sister in-law Laurie Kelsey and it is a regular thing to

Laurie, Richard and their 3 daughters!

Laurie, Richard and their 3 daughters!

run into Laurie’s kids helping out with odd jobs, or to find Keith’s son Clive & daughter Devon to be in the tasting room. Our cousin Colleen does all of the artwork that you find on our labels and find in the tasting room, cousin David helps out whenever we have events or bottling projects, and I myself worked the production side helping the winemaker before I got too busy managing the wine club. Even my mom, Dick’s niece Laurie Vasquez helps us with filing and keeping organized.  Depending on the weekend, you might even run into Colleen’s kids causing trouble while Aunt Delores chases after them!

We started the winery for two reasons.

D & D Kelsey

D & D Kelsey

We wanted to have something to bring our own family together, and we wanted to help bring other families together. Though it takes a lot of work, we try our best to provide everyone with a place that they can go and feel comfortable, a winery where you don’t have to feel like you need to keep your back straight and your nose in the air.
The greatest thing we have gotten to see out here over the years?
We’ve watched couples date, get married, get pregnant, and then bring the babies here! I can think of a handful of kids who we have literally watched them take their first steps, say their first words and even chase their first peacock.

To us nothing can compare with that feeling. It’s about family.
I can’t speak about your personal family when you are away from the winery, but when you are here, you are a part of our family and we are glad to see you.


Travis Vasquez
On behalf of our entire Kelsey family